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Photon Wire

Photon Wire

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  • Still the lightest full-size carabiner in the world
  • Optimised new body design increases rigidity and strength without increasing weight
  • Redesigned interface between the gate and nose helps to protect the wire gate from damage and accidental opening
  • 8 colours coordinate with the most popular cam colors

The Photon Wire remains one of the lightest carabiners in the world and is still significantly larger than other carabiners in its class. The new generation features an updated body design that increases strength and rigidity to handle the odd stresses that climbers put on their gear. We have also redesigned the interface between the gate and nose to help protect the wire gate from damage or accidental opening. Available in eight colors for individually racking cams — team the sling colour with the coordinating carabiner colour for the fastest way to identify the right cam size on the sharp end and reorganise the rack at belays. The Photon Wire is perfect for climbers who want a racking carabiner that is lightweight and low-profile but still clips with the ease of a high-end quickdraw. It is particularly well-suited for difficult trad leads or alpine mixed routes and ice climbing where a full-size carabiner is much easier to operate while wearing gloves.

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Ref.Product nameWeightMajor axisMinor axisOpen leverOpen lever widthCarabiner lengthCarabiner widthMaterialCE Logo
gozkNkNkNmmmmmmEN 12275
247001PHOTON WIRE - Light blue301.122892610062Aluminium alloyB
247002PHOTON WIRE - Yellow301.122892610062Aluminium alloyB
247003PHOTON WIRE - Gun metal301.122892610062Aluminium alloyB
247004PHOTON WIRE - Titanium301.122892610062Aluminium alloyB
247005PHOTON WIRE - Purple301.122892610062Aluminium alloyB
247006PHOTON WIRE - Green301.122892610062Aluminium alloyB
247007PHOTON WIRE - Red301.122892610062Aluminium alloyB
247008PHOTON WIRE - Orange301.122892610062Aluminium alloyB