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Photon Bent Gate

Photon Bent Gate

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  • Still the lightest keylocking carabiner in the world
  • New slim nose profile features our proprietary SphereLock closure
  • Optimised new body design increases rigidity and strength without increasing weight

Bent gate version of the Photon designed for the rope end on quickdraws. The lightest full-size carabiner on the market has been updated with a new body design that increases rigidity and strength without increasing weight. With its large gate opening and oversized body design, the Photon remains a top choice for elite sport climbers around the world. The patented SphereLock closure minimises play between the gate and nose for enhanced safety and performance.

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Ref.Product nameWeightMajor axisMinor axisOpen leverOpen lever widthCarabiner lengthCarabiner widthMaterialCE Logo
gozkNkNkNmmmmmmEN 12275
2468PHOTON BENT GATE351.222792510060Aluminium alloyB