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Oval XL 2Lock

Oval XL 2Lock

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  • Super-strong, full-size oval carabiner with automatic lock that requires two actions (twist and pull) to open
  • Large gate opening
  • Keylock nose
  • Ideal for use with pulleys and ascender-descender devices

The Oval XL 2Lock is a super-strong, full-size auto-locking oval carabiner. With its sophisticated I-Beam construction, it is also surprisingly lightweight. Its large gate opening, keylock nose and dual-action twist lock closure make it ideal for use with pulleys and ascender-descender devices.

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Ref.Product nameWeightMajor axisMinor axisOpen leverOpen lever widthCarabiner lengthCarabiner widthMaterialCE Logo
gozkNkNkNmmmmmmEN 12275EN 362
2124OVAL XL 2LOCK762.7281172011062Aluminium alloyXB