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Nitro Lock

Nitro Lock

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Light & Fast - Products that are either the lightest in the world or lightest in their class.
  • Our lightest HMS locking carabiner
  • New screw gate is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Sophisticated shape creates a high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Proprietary SphereLock nose makes clipping ropes and webbing easy
  • Laser etched marking to indicate if the lock is open or closed

One of the lightest HMS locking carabiners in the world. The Nitro Lock has been optimised to maximise both safety and performance. I-Beam construction delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio while still maintaining a rope friendly radius. The proprietary SphereLock nose makes clipping ropes and webbing easy

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Ref.Product nameWeightMajor axisMinor axisOpen leverOpen lever widthCarabiner lengthCarabiner widthMaterialCE Logo
gozkNkNkNmmmmmmEN 12275
2928NITRO LOCK - Blue562.022962310675Aluminium alloyH