Energy CR 3

  • A lightweight, versatile harness for rock climbing at every level
  • Thermo-formed padding on the waist and legs molds to the body for exceptional comfort
  • Auto-locking buckles on the waist and legs
  • 4 webbing reinforced gear loops
  • Haul loop

A lightweight and comfortable harness designed for rock climbing at every level. The versatile design of the Energy CR3 makes it a great choice for any kind of climbing from gym to sport to trad. The thermo-formed padding molds to the body for exceptional comfort. Adjustable leg loops allow for a fine-tuned fit. 4 webbing-reinforced gear loops and a haul loop round out the features on this sophisticated harness.


Ref.Product name - Size - ColorWeight Size (M)B WaistB WaistC LegsC LegsHaul LoopCE Logo
gozB - Waist (cm)B - Waist (in)C - Legs (cm)C - Legs (in)EN 12277/C
2870-XS3ENERGY CR 3 XS - Green37513.258-6822,8-26,839-4915,3-19,3
2870-XS1ENERGY CR 3 XS - Grey
2870-XS2ENERGY CR 3 XS - Light blue
2870-S3ENERGY CR 3 S - Green65-7525,6-29,549-5919,3-23,2
2870-S1ENERGY CR 3 S - Grey
2870-S2ENERGY CR 3 S - Light blue
2870-M3ENERGY CR 3 M - Green72-8228,3-32,355-6521,6-25,6
2870-M1ENERGY CR 3 M - Grey
2870-M2ENERGY CR 3 M - Light blue
2870-L3ENERGY CR 3 L - Green79-8931,1-3560-7023,6-27,6
2870-L1ENERGY CR 3 L - Grey
2870-L2ENERGY CR 3 L - Light blue
2870-XL3ENERGY CR 3 XL - Green86-9633,9-37,865-7525,6-29,5
2870-XL1ENERGY CR 3 XL - Grey
2870-XL2ENERGY CR 3 XL - Light blue