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1st Class Icon - Products with superior points of innovation making them the absolute top of the line.
  • Patented KeyWire design combines the benefits of wire gate action with a keylocking closure
  • Slim nose profile features our proprietary SphereLock closure
  • Curved I-Beam construction on the spine creates a very high open gate strength
  • 8 colours coordinate with the most popular cam colours

Another step forward in carabiner evolution, the Dyon uses a proprietary two-part gate to combine the benefits of smooth wire gate action with a keylocking closure. This unique combination gives it both high levels of performance and safety. The curved I-Beam construction on the spine keeps the weight to a minimum while providing a high level of rigidity and an incredible open gate strength of 11 kN. The patented SphereLock closure minimises play between the gate and nose for enhanced safety and performance. Available in 8 colours to coordinate with the most popular cam colours.

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Ref.Product nameWeightMajor axisMinor axisOpen leverOpen lever widthCarabiner lengthCarabiner widthMaterialCE Logo
gozkNkNkNmmmmmmEN 12275
246001DYON - Light blue331.2217112610060Aluminium alloyB
246002DYON - Yellow331.2217112610060Aluminium alloyB
246003DYON - Gun metal331.2217112610060Aluminium alloyB
246004DYON - Titanium331.2217112610060Aluminium alloyB
246005DYON - Purple331.2217112610060Aluminium alloyB
246006DYON - Green331.2217112610060Aluminium alloyB
246007DYON - Red331.2217112610060Aluminium alloyB
246008DYON - Orange331.2217112610060Aluminium alloyB